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Hire the Dispensary Staff of Your Dreams: Who and How


We’ve all thought about what it would be like to hire the dispensary staff of your dreams. And anyone who has ever worked in a dispensary knows that staff can make or break the business. A good team will be knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient, creating a positive experience for customers and helping to boost sales. On the other hand, a bad staff can drive away customers, reduce morale, and cause all sorts of problems. That is why it is essential to take the time and hire the dispensary staff of your dreams.

In this article, we’ll discuss where to post job listings for your dispensary, who exactly you need to be hiring, as well as the key responsibilities and qualities you should be looking for during the hiring process.

Let’s begin.

Where should you list your job posting?

There are many ways to find the perfect candidate for your cannabis business, but don’t just rely on traditional job boards. Posting open roles on niche websites often yield better results. This is because they appeal more specifically to people who work or want to work in the cannabis field.

Some cannabis hiring sites worth considering include:

Who are you looking to hire? Let’s roll into the list of basic positions that all dispensaries should have.

General manager

When it comes to running your dispensary, you want someone with experience. Your general manager should have excellent interpersonal skills so that he or she can act as a go-between when dealing directly with patients and employees while also keeping an eye on things from afar. Trust is key with general managers since this person will have access to every nook and cranny within the store.


  • Organize incoming products, store materials, order stock, and keep records of all transactions.
  • Develop standard operating procedures for inventory intake, auditing, and control.
  • Record inventory and product information in compliance with state laws and regulations.
  • Maintain inventories, place orders, and ensure adequate supplies.
  • Follow all documented security procedures.
  • Assist through product returns.

Who should you hire?

Hire a general manager who has:

  • Leadership abilities
  • A strong ability to multi-task
  • Great problem-solving tactics
  • The ability to create growth after analysis
  • Experience
  • Experience with the cannabis industry


The budtender is going to be your most consumer-facing role out of your entire staff. Budtenders can even be referred to as glorified cannabis sales associates, striving to provide expert advice and services with an understanding of what consumers want. To do this well budtenders typically need a good amount of retail and/or service experience. Knowledge about cannabis is a must.


  • Customer support, including educating consumers on strains, goods, consumption techniques, and medical marijuana (when applicable).
  • Handle cash payments and record transactions into your dispensary POS software.
  • Maintain the appearance of the retail sales floor.
  • Stay up-to-date on product developments.
  • Meet retail sales targets.

Who should you hire?

Hire budtenders who are:

  • Cannabis connoisseurs
  • Personable and friendly
  • Experienced with customer service
  • Trustworthy
  • Staying current on cannabis products and trends

Inventory manager

Hiring an inventory manager is a crucial step in managing the influx of cannabis products that come through your dispensary doors. This person will ensure every product has been received, stocked, and accounted for. This is especially important for dispensaries with high-volume operations and heavy foot traffic.


  • Manage all duties related to receiving, storing, distributing, and reporting products.
  • Implement standard operating procedures for inventory intake and auditing.
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of all inventories and product information in accordance with state laws and regulations.
  • Keep track of inventory levels, place orders for goods, and make sure there is enough stock on hand.
  • Safeguard inventory by complying with security procedures.
  • Managing relationships with suppliers.
  • Performing regular inventory audits and reconciling inventory information.
  • Managing seed-to-sale tracking.

Who should you hire?

Hire an inventory manager who is:

  • Extremely organized
  • Experienced with varying cannabis software and systems
  • Knowledgable mathematically
  • Has experience managing inventory


Security is a must for any business that deals in cash. And dispensaries are no different. Stores like these need security guards who can keep unwanted guests at bay. As a dispensary owner, it is important to always be protecting staff members inside against potential theft; Whether through violence itself (such as armed robberies) or less dramatic measures, safety should always come first.


  • Manage the safety of staff, customers, products, and assets.
  • Monitor video footage to detect potential criminal activity.
  • Keep watch of the premises to deter threats.
  • Preventing customers or other unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas.
  • Investigate any and take appropriate action when necessary.
  • Reporting concerns to dispensary management.

Who should you hire?

Hire security for your dispensary that is:

  • Trustworthy and consistent
  • Not afraid to enforce tough rules
  • Properly experienced and trained to handle various situations


The receptionist or greeter is the first impression you make to your customers. It’s important for them not only to be friendly but also knowledgeable about what makes their dispensary special!


  • Greet customers as they enter.
  • Verify that all clients are of legal age and that no one is underage.
  • Answer calls and respond to inquiries from dispensary employees.
  • Keep track of the daily flow of customers into the dispensary.
  • Manage client dispensary loyalty program status and document medical records, when applicable.

Who should you hire?

Hire a receptionist who is:

  • Warm and welcoming (first impressions are everything)
  • Great at multitasking
  • Passionate about learning new subjects
  • Attention to detail

Operations manager

The operations manager, better known as a compliance manager is the staff member who will make sure your dispensary stays in line. They’re responsible for making any necessary changes to policies or procedures when there’s a change of regulation. They will also stay informed about new laws and regulations that could affect your dispensary.


  • Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  • Develop, implement, and manage compliance programs.
  • Maintain knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations to ensure established policies are modified as necessary.
  • Maintain licensure at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • Train staff on proper compliance.
  • Regularly look for new technology to help stay in compliance.
  • Perform regular audits.

Who should you hire?

  • Extremely thorough with plans of action
  • Great at multitasking difficult compliance issues
  • Well familiar with the cannabis laws and regulations
  • Up-to-date with changing regulations and laws

Keep in mind

Cannabis is a fairly new industry, so not everyone you interview will have prior experience in the field. However, that doesn’t necessarily exclude them from being a perfect fit for the position on your team. If you want a candidate who will be an excellent fit in your company, don’t just look at their cannabis experience or job title. Instead, find out what skills they have that are relevant to the position and how much transferable work experience they’ve had previously.

Put yourself in the shoes of your staff

Make your dispensary the best place to work by offering benefits, and investing in training/onboarding programs for new employees. Create an environment that is friendly, professional, and welcoming to new employees. In the cannabis industry, there are more jobs than ever before. This means your employees are also choosing you!

In conclusion

Hiring the perfect staff for your dispensary can make or break it. It’s essential to find an amazing team of people who are knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient so they’ll help boost sales while also making customers feel welcome. But with the right time and consideration, you should have no trouble to hire the dispensary staff of your dreams.

Have any questions? Need some tips?

Shoot us a message here at WeedBoost if you need any tips to hire the dispensary staff of your dreams, if you’re looking to build a website, integrate SEO (search engine optimization), need social media management, or simply want someone to talk to about this whole “cannabis thing”. We’re just a call away.

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