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Ecommerce Platforms for Your Dispensary: The Top 7 in 2022


Choosing among so many eCommerce platforms for your dispensary can cause quite the dilemma. After all, the platform you choose is the official host of your dispensary’s products in a version of your own online store.

Utilizing trusted, well-built eCommerce platforms for your dispensary gives your customers the ability to browse and purchase products online with ease. They can be great tools to provide users with a more personalized, buying experience without even leaving their house!

In this blog post, we’ll go over the top seven cannabis-optimized eCommerce platforms for your dispensary in 2022.

But first…

What exactly is eCommerce for cannabis?

Cannabis eCommerce refers to your dispensary’s stock and items being sold on an online store or other platforms such as public marketplaces or mobile apps. In other words, eCommerce allows your customers to purchase cannabis products online rather than visiting your physical location.

Customers who order online can either collect their items at your store or have them delivered, depending on the laws in their state. Cannabis products do not yet have the option of FedEx, UPS, USPS, or other courier services for delivery. Orders must be picked up or sent.

But can cannabis even be sold online legally?

Yes, in the online space, meaning enabling consumers to make purchases online is legal. Figuratively no, as shipping marijuana is not permitted.

Dispensaries may sell and ship hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC, such as certain CBD goods, across state lines. Any cannabis product containing more than 0.3 percent THC or derived from a cannabis plant with more than 0.3 percent THC is classified as marijuana and is therefore prohibited from crossing state lines.

Customers in several states have the ability to place orders for legal marijuana online. The actual processing of payment is typically completed in person. While customers can sometimes pay for their purchases online, because of cannabis banking restrictions, this is not always possible.

Now, let’s roll into it.


Blackbird is an eCommerce platform that provides marketing tools and transportation services for the cannabis sector.

They offer the capability to assist dispensaries with:

  • Online loyalty redemption;
  • Sales insights;
  • Customer order history.


Dutchie allows businesses to develop an online menu and ordering platform with a built-in product library for simple order pickup and delivery.

Their eCommerce platform promises to:

  • Streamline operations;
  • Multiple order types;
  • Fully integrated;
  • Completely customizable.


As the industry’s first online marketplace, Jane hosts exclusively eCommerce postings. As customers shop, they even have the ability to sort dispensaries into various categories such as “veteran-owned”, “women-owned”, etc.

The Jane eCommerce platform promises to:

  • Promote your brand to highly engaged shoppers;
  • Go inDirect-to-consumer (i2C);
  • Take control of your content.


The Leafbuyer marketing eCommerce platform offers dispensaries customer acquisition, retention, and analytics capabilities with internet orders.

The Leafbuyer platform promises clients:

  • Higher deliverability & increased engagement;
  • Integrations with current tech stack;
  • Segmented messages to your audience;
  • Tracked & analyzed ROI on-demand;
  • Website, texting, loyalty, and smart app all working together.


Leafly is a trusted global eCommerce, news, and information resource for the cannabis industry.

Their platform promises to help clients who consider themselves as:

  • Retailers ready to open or expand their online ordering capabilities to the largest cannabis-interested audience in the world.
  • Brands interested in connecting their products to cannabis-interested buyers.
  • Physicians looking to expand their network.
  • CBD Retailers interested in promoting their online and/or in-store business to an ever-expanding, interested audience.
  • Labs interested in partnering with Leafly to be at the forefront of reimagining the industry.


Olla eCommerce differs from other options as you can completely customize your store menu on your website. That way, you don’t have to be grouped with other cannabis businesses or shown with Olla’s logo.

This eCommerce platform promises to:

  • Sync inventory data;
  • Configure dynamic product category mapping;
  • Enroll new members and enable reward redemption;
  • Develop custom integrations;
  • Access cashless payments.


With Weedmaps eCommerce, consumers can discover, place orders for, and review businesses and items within the online directory.

Weedmaps offers the capability to:

  • Enhance your delivery service;
  • Faster in-store pickup;
  • Support to help you succeed.

Still unsure if your dispensary needs an eCommerce setup?

The online sale of cannabis has increased by more than 60% in just two years. Meaning that being part of an eCommerce platform could open the door for more customers and more sales. These platforms help your dispensary to reach new customers by providing an additional sales avenue outside of the physical location, which opens the door for even more revenue.

When you list your products online, it will not reduce foot traffic to your dispensary. In fact, providing customers with more ways of shopping is what makes eCommerce such a great idea! Your customers have access any time they want—not just during business hours.

All in all

The internet is a great place for finding anything and everything. And online shopping has become increasingly popular as people grow more comfortable with buying things from home or the comfort of their own couch! That’s why as a dispensary owner, it’s critical to take advantage by utilizing well-known cannabis-focused eCommerce platforms. That way, all customers have the ability to have personalized shopping experiences at any time, from any location.

Any questions? Need any help?

Shoot us a message here at WeedBoost if you have any questions about which eCommerce platform would be best for your dispensary, if you’re looking to build a website, integrate SEO (search engine optimization), need social media management, or simply want someone to talk to about this whole “cannabis thing”. We’re just a call away.

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