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Dispensary POS Systems: The Top 10 in 2022


There are a lot of dispensary POS systems out there. And choosing the right one can be tough.

Do you want a POS that’s easy to use? One that has a ton of features? Or one that’s affordable? The options are endless.

Not to worry, we’re here to help.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top ten most reviewed, and best approved POS systems in 2022 for your dispensary.

But first…

What are dispensary POS systems?

Dispensary POS or point-of-sale systems allow dispensaries and other cannabis businesses to sell their products while remaining in line with national and state laws. These programs have many of the same features as retail POS software, but they are tailored for the cannabis sector.

Dispensaries may use cannabis retail POS software to hold payments, monitor stock, and keep track of tax records. These technologies are generally used by staff, supervisors, and owners to complete every transaction as well as run back-office operations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Dispensary POS Systems category, a product must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Provide POS capabilities that are aligned with retail POS systems.
  • Serve the cannabis market, as well as state and federal laws that regulate it.
  • Where necessary, filter and sort products from seed to sale.

Now, let’s roll into it.


The all-in-one cannabis dispensary-focused platform has all the tools you need to manage your whole front and back-of-house operations. Meadow provides straightforward user experiences and well-considered processes.

The Meadow POS system promises to:

  • Complete all core business activities from a single dashboard.
  • Manage product inventory, track and fulfill orders, generate reports, and analyze sales trends all from one place.
  • Activate new promotional codes.
  • Communicate directly with your customers.


KlickTrack is a powerful all-in-one solution created by dispensary owners for other dispensary owners. It eliminates time and money by reducing operations and coming fully equipped with everything you need to sell, market, and manage items.

The KlickTrack all-in-one POS system promises to:

  • Have the flexibility to streamline foot traffic.
  • Save an order while your customer hits the cash machine or for your entire “restaurant-style” fulfillment hub.
  • Allow retailers to track orders by type (in-store, Express pre-order, curbside, or delivery) all directly through the POS.
  • Have all orders available across all devices in real-time.


This Dutchie all-in-one dispensary-focused POS helps to power the cannabis industry with Point of Sale, eCommerce, Payments, and more.

The LeafLogix POS promises to:

  • Help cannabis businesses start, operate, and grow with confidence.
  • Simplify operations so that dispensaries can focus on bringing the benefits of cannabis safely to consumers.
  • Help dispensaries optimize every point in the cannabis grow-to-retail supply chain.


The Treez cloud commerce platform aids in the management of retail and supply chain activities within the cannabis sector. The firm’s technology for merchants and brands allows it to provide a comprehensive range of software services to help dispensaries operate efficiently.

The Treez cannabis dispensary-focused POS promises to:

  • Increase revenue for your dispensary.
  • Streamline operations to drive profitability.
  • Deliver secure, convenient, cashless payment solutions.
  • Drive modern experiences to accelerate growth.
  • Provide simple publishing tools.


GrowFlow is a comprehensive business management and compliance solution for cannabis wholesalers and retailers. Cannabis firms may use GrowFlow to improve seed-to-sale operations, from inventory and point of sale to analytics and state reporting.

The GrowFlow POS system promises to:

  • Provide discounting with rule-based settings.
  • Allow simple patient check-in, with ID scanning.
  • Initiate order creation and checkout flow.
  • Provide simple returns with purchase history.
  • Create the exact label designs you want for both compliance labels and receipts.


Cova is a cannabis dispensary-focused POS that is full-featured and tablet-based. The Cova POS software features are also designed specifically for cannabis retail.

The Cova POS promises to:

  • Enable your staff to deliver fast, compliant, and personalized shopping.
  • Guarantee ease-of-use and quick onboarding of staff in just 30 minutes.
  • Scan customer ID right from the POS to verify age and add shoppers to the queue.
  • Keep track of customers and their orders.
  • Automate time-consuming manual work to reduce errors and maximize efficiency.


The Greenline cannabis-focused POS has developed strong user-friendly software to assist dispensaries of all sizes to sell cannabis.

The Greenline cannabis POS promises to:

  • Provide easy-to-use iOS, Android, and web point-of-sale with integrated payment processing.
  • Display scalable inventory management and reporting.
  • Give you peace of mind with fast and easy compliance reports.
  • Provide retailers with robust and flexible modular systems.
  • Power your infrastructure and connect your systems together.


The IndicaOnline POS is a complete point-of-sale system for cannabis businesses that is geared towards assisting them in streamlining sales, inventory, compliance, and customer management.

IndicaOnline POS promises to:

  • Provide reliable cloud-based software that is capable of integrating your dispensary inventory with online menu websites
  • Give dispensaries an in-house e-commerce platform.
  • Display the GPS location of each driver and smart order assignment.
  • Provide automated compliance reporting integrations for licensed marijuana dispensaries.


Vende is a non-cannabis-focused POS that contains multiple features. The sell screen and inventory management and reporting screens are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Vende POS promises to:

  • Provide ease with ordering/restocking.
  • Complete sales through a central point of sale system.
  • Include inventory tracking and business management.
  • Provide a modern approach to cannabis logistics from the distribution to the retail level.


Flowhub is a cannabis retail management solution that helps regulated businesses stay up with the fast-paced industry, grow income, and simplify compliance from beginning to end of the supply chain.

The Flowhub POS promises to:

  • Create superior retail experiences for maximum cash flow.
  • Remove the risk of sales lost due to outages and slow performance.
  • Run Cashier on tablets and iPads.
  • Empower your team to provide exceptional service with consumer information.
  • Enable more personalized experiences, smarter conversations, and stronger relationships.

In conclusion

There are several dispensary POS systems available. It might be tough to pick the best one. However, the right point-of-sale system for your dispensary will ultimately be determined by what your dispensary requires and which features you value most.

Have any questions? Need a hug?

Get in touch with us here at WeedBoost if you have any questions about which POS might benefit you the most, if you’re in search of a new website, SEO (search engine optimization), social media management, or simply need someone to talk to about this whole “cannabis thing”. We will always be here for you.

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