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Dispensary Grand Opening Ideas 2022: Let’s Get You Ready


So you’re finally ready to start considering dispensary grand opening ideas? Good thing you’re here.

It’s important to always be looking for ways to stand out in this constantly evolving competitive cannabis market. But to host a grand opening event that will get people talking?

Dispensary grand opening events can be anything from a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony to an all-out block party. To really make a splash, make it a goal to even partner with local businesses to offer discounts and giveaways! Perhaps even invite celebrity guests or hire performers to entertain your crowd.

Whatever your vision is (or is about to be after reading this of course), the goal is to create an event that will attract attention and generate all the local buzz!

In this article, we’ll cover multiple dispensary grand opening ideas to make sure that you are ready for your big day.

Let’s roll into it…

Before the grand opening

With such an amazing opportunity to showcase the products or services your business has to offer, it’s essential to make sure that you’re prepared. Grand openings don’t just happen by themselves. Before the big day, there’s a lot of planning and preparation that needs to take place. This will enable you to secure the right group of attendees.

Prior to opening, consider the following:

Have a business card prepared

Before you open your doors to the public, make sure you have a stack of business cards ready. After all, grand openings are all about making connections. You’ll want to be able to exchange cards with potential customers, partners, and suppliers.

Another more environmentally friendly option could also be getting a tap to connect tile for your phone. This one tile would enable you to:

  • Tap your phone to another in order to connect with prospects.
  • Replace the need for you to print multiple business cards.
  • Create your own custom landing page.
Dispensary Grand Opening Ideas 2022: Let's Get You Ready

Distribute physical handouts or flyers

Don’t underestimate the power of traditional advertising when it comes to generating leads. Use a graphic designer to produce visually appealing flyers, liven up the party, and promote your big event. Or, create the handouts yourself!

Use this Pinterest page as a reference if you need inspiration!

Include a statement of your company’s name, address, and date and hour of the opening. You can even add a few sentences or bullet points regarding what will occur during your grand opening. If applicable, be sure to also list some of the goods or services you provide.

Include a social media countdown

Social media marketing is designed to raise brand recognition and enthusiasm among consumers. That’s why including daily postings with a countdown for the opening day could be quite beneficial!

Also, consider posting a site tour, building tour, product sneak peeks, and/or staff introductions on your social media accounts.

Get involved with the community

Before you open your business, it’s important to establish connections within the cannabis community. That way, you might be able to begin developing a trustworthy client base.

Your new dispensary might even want to consider attending a cannabis exposition. These massive events are excellent opportunities to network with trusted cannabis experts, and connoisseurs. Read our blog about the “Cannabis Expo List For Your Dispensary: June-December 2022“.

Decoration for your dispensary grand opening ideas

The grand opening of your dispensary is a time to celebrate! It’s a time to open your doors to the public and show them what you’ve got. But it’s also a time to show off your style, and that starts with the right decorations.

Color code

If you’re going to make a festive display of streamers, balloons, and other decorations, keep everything in coordination with your brand colors.

Use signage

Hang a sign that says “Weed for sale” (hypothetically) in big, bold letters. This will let everyone know what your dispensary is all about.

Everyone loves free stuff

Set up a table with freebies like stickers, lighters, and rolling papers. This will help people remember your dispensary long after they’ve left.

Of course, the given…

Make sure you have plenty of weed on hand. This is, after all, what people will be coming to your dispensary for.

In-house event dispensary grand opening ideas

A dispensary grand opening is a perfect opportunity to show your dispensary’s personality and get people excited about newly available products. Here is a list of ideas to make sure that your attendees stay ‘highly’ engaged and entertained throughout the event:

  • Have a live band playing stoner rock all day long.
  • Give out free T-shirts that say “I got high at the Dispensary Grand Opening!”
  • Serve free food, including munchie favorites like pizza, tacos, and burgers.
  • Give out free cannabis-themed swag like grinders, pipes, and lighters.
  • Have a “name that strain” contest with prizes for the winners.
  • Set up a photo booth with cannabis-themed props.
  • Have a DJ spinning tunes all day long.
  • Give away free joints to the first 100 people in line!
  • Have a raffle with dispensary merchandise or cannabis-themed prizes.
  • Set up a “guess the weight of the bud” contest with dispensary products as prizes.
  • Offer discounts on dispensary products for those who dress up in green.
  • Give out free edibles to the first 50 people in line!
  • Set up a “guess the THC percentage” contest with dispensary products as prizes.
  • Offer discounts on dispensary products for those who follow you on social media, show their medical marijuana card, or show their military ID.

In conclusion

Grand openings are the perfect opportunity to put your best foot forward and make a great first impression on potential customers. By considering some of these ideas, you can be sure that your opening event will be one that people remember – and one that gets them coming back for more ‘high’ quality products.

Any further questions? Need a hug?

You can get in touch with us here at WeedBoost if you need any help building a new website, SEO (search engine optimization), social media management, or anything else to do with this whole “cannabis thing”. We always have your back.

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